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AdvanceMap 1.80 Details

Hi all,

It's here, the new version of AdvanceMap (1.80).
(I couldn't wait for the translators anymore...)

Here a short list of the changes since 1.76:
- The AdvanceMap.Ini was completely changed. Now pointers will be searched, instead of offsets... (More in thw Readme.txt)
- Re-structured language files and edded new languages.
- Language selection on first start.
- Allowed to move and re-structure Map Banks or complete Headers.
- Insert new Maps, without replacing new ones.
- All $77 ranges are created by AdvanceMap and are reserved.
- Added button for reserved Bank/Map spots, to create new ones.
- Added possibility to add more WIld Pokémon.
- Events can now be managed directly from the Events Tab.
- Added possibility to add connections to Maps which have none.
- Massiv improvement on the search function.
- Fixed Wild Rod Pokémon from 8 to 10.

- For Map listing: Multiple sorting patterns in Normal View (By Header, By Map Name, By Tileset, By Map Type, By Name + Tileset)
- New area for the Normal View. Map-files which are in the 'MapDateien.ini'-file will be shown.
- The currect Map is marked Orange in the Map list.
- When chaging the Map, the right entry will be automatically selected.

- Ini Export feature. For usage files have to be renamed a bit...
- Sprites are shown better (Sprite number corrected for r/s, the others just have "empty" numbers).
- Dynamic Tilsetnumber/Offset corrected for Emerald.
- Structured Menu.
- A Professional Header view added.
- A Header spot for Map-files.
- New About box.

- Option to automatically re-point things (No user action required).
- A Toolbar

- And of course some small bug fixes.

Okay, now enough talking here, enjoy the Download:

Or this Link, here's always the newest version to be found:

All old version can be found here: /

Extended FAQs:

AdvanceMap Newsletter:

Greetz LU-HO