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  • Started on: 02.02.2006
  • Rom-Base: Pokemon Emerald (German)
  • Author: ~Tutti~
  • Hackgroup:
  • Currentlty finished: 10-12%
  • Helper: Aeonmaster & Mastermind_X

    Go on a new journey through the new world of Johto. You come as a new Trainer to Neuborkia and receive your first Pokemon form Prof. Lind. When you get your first order form the professor, you are very happy, but when you meet Prof.Eich, you get a shocking call. The police would like to talk to you. On your way back, you meet a Trainer, who is very hasty and came form Neuborkia. He wants to fight against you. This Trainer has also a Pokemon form the laboratory.....
    Later in the laboratory, you were told, that exactly that Pokemon was stolen. Now, Prof.Lind sends you on a new journey to collect as much information about the Pokemon as you can. Cause there are still many secrets which must be incvestigated.

  • - New Worldmap
  • - Snowy-Tiles
  • - Only 251 Pokemon catchable~
  • - Neue hiros
  • - Trainer will be stronger
  • - Day-Night-System
  • - ´more will be added soon


    Day Night

    Ingame Screens: