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AdvanceMap 1.82 Details

Hey everyone

A new version is ready, Advancemap 1.82.
I finished it just now, because of reuqest of some users.
Thanks to Scizz, NeedDennis and Tutti.

This is mosty a bugfix version, but there are some new things aswell.

- Fixed bug when inserting from Map file (Events and Wild Pokemon weren't working)
- Fixed bug with Name editing
- Fixed bug with People event
- Fixed bug in about box
- Fixed wrong order and labeling for the Script-Event
- Automatic backup can now be disabled.
- When importing a tileset with the Block editor, the emtpy space will be filled with 77, to prevent the search to use that space.
- Connections can now be deleted, and afterwards saved.
- Buttons will be updated after every change.
- When changing the map or closing the window, it will also ask you to save your changes.
- Fixed bug with the behaviour byte after the $200 Block
- The position of the behaviour byte for fr/lg was set to the 5th and not the 4th pointer from the Tileset Header, thanks to "Teh Baro".
- fr/lg now has it's own behaviour list. (The list is empty right now, but you can add your data under the [Verhalten2] and [Hintergrund2] sections)
- Export/Import feature for the blocks (Block Editor)
- Added feature to add new names. But it is disabled, because it won't be shown in the game...
- Added music INI file. INI is for German ROMs. (Ini/Musik_de.ini) But new ones can be crated/translated and added to the AdvanceMap.ini under the "[Sprache:X] MusikIni=ini/Musik_de.ini" section.
- A new INI file will be created for each ROM to store specifiy changes

Download here:

Greetz LU-HO