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AdvanceMap 1.91 Details

Hello together

Hehre the new (BugFix-) Version.

- On Repointing Header, there will be added a EndMark.
-> BugFix for the Bug: when insert 11. Maps the whole new Bank/increased Bank disappear.
- a check if Borderblock in FR/LG is to big/not set.
-> BugFix for the Bug: bei zu Grossem RandBlock kommt AdvanceMapError(8): Cannot read XX Bytes in a Array with the size of 51! ...'
- The Resize function now work correctly -_-"
-> BugFix for the Bug: when you resize a Map, to much data will deleted. this bug is the reasen for the most AdvanceMapError 2 and 4 and could delete parts of other Maps/Events or other data!
- The Grid on BlockPalette is fixed.
- The EndMark for MapScripts will now be written.
-> BugFix for the Bug: If you increase the amount of MapScripts, the Rom crash int the Emulator after run the MapScrips.
- the transparency for Movement permissions can now be set under Settings->Movement permissions transparency.
- I have improved the Performance form some functionen. now AdvanceMap load Roms 3 times faster for me.
- Changed Import functions in Blockeditor.
-> BugFix for the Bug: If you insert Tileset image and Blocks on the same time, the Maps using this tileset can not be open anymore. "Access violation ..."
- If you save a Map as a MapFile it will show immediately on the MapFiles Maplist.
- MapFiles form older AdvanceMaps now work also.

Download AM 1.91

The link has been adjusted as well.

have fun with new Verison.
Bug-Reports as always to me.

Greetings, LU-HO