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AdvanceMap 1.92 Details

Hello All

The new version is here AdvanceMap 1.92.
This is a also a bugfix version, but it also has some new functions.

- it takes the right ini entry 12170 not 1217 for the description of Transaprency question.
- There are new Chinese and Korean Languagefiles.
- The italien languagefile is updated.
- there will no longer be an AMError 4 on resize a map without save the changes first.
(- the amount of Blocks in Emerald Tileset 40 corrected.)
- The Amount of Blocks will now be calculated (difference between Blockdata and Behaviordada). On decrase the Amount this will not work correctly therefore the <Romname>.ini is still required. (the Tileset.ini's isn't still required, but for be save i will not delete them for the moment.)
(there could be problems, if some one repoint the data in hexeditor, because of the form how i calculate it.)
- on people events there will now be better description for one field: View radius/Plant-ID.
- Now it will occure an AdvanceMapError 12 if you open an invalid RomType.
- there is now a %-bar on Encounter radio of wildpokemons.
- on Mapscripts i will use only an 1 Byte EndMarker. (to prevent of override data.)
- improved the handling of EventHeader.
- fixed bugs and improved the Map-replace and map-insert functions.
- the palettes for Tilesets can now saved/loaded in different file formats.
- there is now also a great-block function for the Blockeditor (also here its the keystroke Ctrl+right click)
- new options for recent files (under settings)

Greets goes to:
Tutti, Hackrex, Xeramon, HackMew, Pool92 for Ideas and Betatests.
All how have Report a Bug.

Download AM 1.92

The link has been adjusted as well.

have fun with new Verison.
Bug-Reports as always to me.

@all translators: if you want update your language file (translate new texts since last version) you can send me the new texts per PM or Mail.

Greetings, LU-HO