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AdvanceMap 1.95 Details

Hi everybody

It's finally here, AdvanceMap 1.95 (Open Beta).

It's now about 3 Years since last release.
I'm not longer a student, so i haven't as much time as for last versions.

As I say multiple times since last release, I don't simply update AdvanceMap with new functions, I rewrite the whole Program.
AdvanceMap is not longer based on "Delphi 6" it's now based on "Lazarus (0.9.29)".

Attention: AdvanceMap 1.95 is currently only a BETA-Release, and there are not all functions in, that should be there.
So be careful and make regular Backups!!!

But now the the Facts.

New important features:
- 7digit / Extended Rom Support
- Connection window with preview & move Connection in preview
- Insert new Tilesets
- All text fields as "HexEdit", you can change between Hex and Dez view with the $ sign.
- The "ConnectionList" will shown in MapList.

All adjustments:
New functions:
- 7digit / Extended Rom Support
- All text fields as "HexEdit", you can change between Hex and Dez view with the $ sign.
- Connection window with preview & move Connection in preview
- Connection window: Map Names as tool tips over the arrow Buttons.
- The "ConnectionList" will shown in MapList.
- Mapfiles with MapHeader, MapScripts and Connections.
- Insert Map with MapHeader, MapScripts and Connections.
- Insert new Tilesets
- Toolbars for special edit functions, without using Shortcuts
- Multi select for Events
- copy Events (on same Map)
- People view in correct direction
- Expert Header, Original Header as HEX-Editor-View
- Emerald PattlePyramid problem fix (manual fix not longer needed)
- The Option "Create Backup on opening" now automatically create a dated Backup each 14 days.
- inserted Season System from prime (Preview of Season, and Change functionality) -> The DNS-Program from prime you can get there:
- preview D&N colors.
- Open Rom by dragging a file on AdvanceMap.
- GreatBlock without size limit

Other adjustments:
- Blockeditor small redesign
- All ini files as UTF-8
- Write an ErrorLogs on each error

Changed behavior:
- don't save changes any time, only save changes on special action / situations
-- On Press den Save Button in Toolbar / Menü
-- On change Map
-- On close Blockeditors

not yet build in:
- The Worldmap Editor is not yet compatible with new AdvanceMap, I have to do major changes on it until it's compatible again.
- "Pic color" in PaletteEditor. I haven't found out yet how this work in Lazarus.

no more build in:
- The comboboxen view, is not available any more.
- The "Header" functions under Tools->change MapBank aren't there anymore. They aren't often used, so I don't do this work again for new version.
- "Change palette definition of block data" in Blockeditor.

Download AdvanceMap 1.95

As like on all Versions, it is NOT allowed to upload AdvanceMap on any Webspace or FileHoster (Fileuplaod/Megadownload....).
Please use the Link on your websites.

Using AM 1.95 together with AM 1.92:
Attention: if u use extended/32Mb sized Roms, you shouldn't use AdvanceMap 1.92 anymore.
AdvanceMap 1.92 create Errors if you try to save data in extended ROM area (from Offset 1234567 it make 234567).
If you use AdvanceMap 1.95 and want to change Worldmap with AM 1.92, be very careful so you don't damage your Rom...

Using ConnectionList:
The "ConnectionList" is a list where all Maps are listen in a simple list. ^^
There are only linked the MapFooters in this list. So there are no Evnts, MapSettings, Map Scripts, Connections...
In the MapHeaders from MapBankHeader there is an Index to this List, so I could linked most entry with Bank.Map.
The unknown entrys will be used to "change" the Map by SetMapFooter- Script command.
ATTENTION: in this list there are also many rubbish / Buggy Maps / invalid entrys (from Nintendo). These ones shouldn't be "deleted", because this could perhaps create error in ROM.
AdvanceMap insert automatically a new Entry in this List, all time you insert a new Map into the ROM (already since version 1.50).

The Lazarus Development Team, for this genial OpenSource Development Environment.
Kiyron for extensions on FR/LG Music list.
prime for his SeasonSystem.
Dragonflye, Aeonos, haefele, prime, Tutti, skyfall, pokemontutorialTV for the Beta tests on AM 1.95.

All new Texts only exists in German and English.
I would be happy, if there are someone who translate the new texts.
-> Send me the new/changed Languagefiles ->

Greetings, LU-HO