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AdvanceMap Release Version 1.82
The Newsletter was send at: 07/14/2006

Hello <|Name|>

This is the first Advance Map Newsletter.

Topics of this Newsletter
1. Release Advance Map 1.82
2. Bugs and new Functions
3. This Newsletter
4. The Advance Map Homepage

1. Release Advance Map 1.82
Yesterday (07/12/2006) morning 02:00 AM (GMT +1) the version 1.82 of Advance Map was released.

Because many people have requested a new version, I have made this since last Friday.
This is mostly a bug fix version, but there are some new things as well.
After finishing we have test all functions of Advance Map so there are no more Bugs.
Thanks to Scizz, NeedDennis and Tutti.

- Fixed bug when inserting from Map file (Events and Wild Pokemon weren't working)
- Fixed bug with Name editing
- Fixed bug with People event
- Fixed bug in about box
- Fixed wrong order and labeling for the Script-Event
- Automatic backup can now be disabled.
- When importing a tileset with the Block editor, the empty space will be filled with 77, to prevent the search to use that space.
- Connections can now be deleted, and afterwards saved.
- Buttons will be updated after every change.
- When changing the map or closing the window, it will also ask you to save your changes.
- Fixed bug with the behavior byte after the $200 Block
- The position of the behavior byte for fr/lg was set to the 5th and not the 4th pointer from the Tileset Header, thanks to "Teh Baro".
- fr/lg now has its own behavior list. (The list is empty right now, but you can add your data under the [Verhalten2] and [Hintergrund2] sections)
- Export/Import feature for the blocks (Block Editor)
- Added feature to add new names. But it is disabled, because it won't be shown in the game...
- Added music INI file. INI is for German ROMs. (Ini/Musik_de.ini) But new ones can be crated/translated and added to the AdvanceMap.ini under the "[Sprache:X] MusikIni=ini/Musik_de.ini" section.
- A new INI file will be created for each ROM to store specify changes

Download here:
or (for using on Homepages)

2. Bugs and new Functions
We have tested all functions of AM; if you find a Bug you can report it by mail.
If you have an idea for new functions you can report it by mail too.
I'm ready for new ideas.

3. This Newsletter
This is my first Newsletter, so I need feedback to make it better.

These things interest me:
1. Is the length of the Newsletter OK?
1.1. It's OK, too short/too long
1.2. Do you want more topics?
1.3. Are the lengths of the topics OK?

2. Topic content
2.1. Are the Newsletter contents OK?
2.2. Are there topics that I must add? (Exp. Next steps of AM?)
2.3. Is the formulation of the topics pleasant?

3. Frequency
3.1. This is the first Newsletter, in the future there will come more, how often do you want to receive one?
3.2. With each release of a new version and on large changes on the Homepage I send one, is that OK?
3.3. Are there situations where you want an additionally Newsletter?

4. Mail format
4.1. This is now a Newsletter in Plain text, there are different formats (Rich text, HTML) which do you prefer?
4.2. Should I add a selection for the format on the subscript form?
4.3. Are the structure, the arrangement and representation of this Newsletters OK?
4.4. Or do you want a special Design in web pages style with links to the Homepage and with pictures….?

4. The Advance Map Homepage
Now a few words and questions about the Advance Map Homepage.

It is many days ago, since I programmed the Homepage.
I am rather a programmer and not a web designer, therefore my Homepage doesn't look very special.

I have already received some request; I should make my Homepage more beautiful.
Unfortunately I am not very good in it, therefore I suggested, I could make a contest, so everyone can make his own design and the visitor can rate it.
However I would have to add some functions for it.

Now after the question of Design, the question of the content appears.
I had nothing to do with RH for a long time and therefore also no time for the Homepage.
But I will extend and improve the Homepage, if you have ideas, which functions or which contents I should add, than you can send it by Mail every time.

My Homepage is now in German and English I would have many more languages, so many people can see my Homepage on their language.

Now to the questions:
1. Design
1.1. Is the design of the Homepage OK?
1.2. What do you think about the contest?
1.3. And what would you think about a contest for the design of the Advance Map program?

2. Functions
2.1. Are the functions that my Homepage offer OK? (Newsletter, FAQ)
2.2. Are there additional functions I should add?
2.3. Is this a good Idea? A form to enter Bug reports (with selections for all information I will need).
2.4. Or one for AM extensions/new functions?

3. Extensions
3.1. Are there still functions on my Homepage that you missing?
3.2. Is there content topics that I should absolutely add or are desired?
3.3. Are for example Tutorials for handling AM, with pictures and step by step instructions desired?
3.4. Is it necessary to update the FAQ? Do you know questions that are missing?

4. Different languages
4.1. Would you have more languages for the web page?
4.2. Is a function to add a language for my Homepage at your one desired?

Best regards
Your Advance Map developer, LU-HO

PS: Everyone who read these questions may answer with a short or long email, even if he did not subscribe to the news.

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