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10 Years later

You may have already noticed that I didn't react to your bug reports anymore.
Unfortunately I got older and have no longer time in "real" life for this realy great project.

LU-HO - 03/20/2021 21:14 UTC

Bug Reports via E-Mail

If you found Bugs in new version of AdvanceMap, you can tell me them via email:

LU-HO - 03/20/2011 17:41 UTC

AdvanceMap 1.95 (Open Beta)

It's finally here, AdvanceMap 1.95 (Open Beta).

I rewrite the whole Program.
AdvanceMap is not longer based on "Delphi 6" it's now based on "Lazarus (0.9.29)".
More informations in the AM History

Or you go directly to the detailed description:
AdvanceMap 1.95 Details

LU-HO - 03/19/2011 02:10 UTC

Animation Editors

Hello All
I have now also add the other 2 Tools to my Homepage I made last year (it was only released on Forums).

Attention: both Animation Editor are Beta versions, and they are not tested very much...

It's not allowed to upload them to your own Webspace or to a file hoster. Please use the Links shown in the tool overview Pages.

greetz LU-HO

LU-HO - 03/18/2011 21:08 UTC

New Design

Hello All
As you can see, i have a complete new Design.
The time is come do do some thing on my Homepage.

There is also a news system on my new page, so I can better inform you about changes.

Greets LU-HO Poké

LU-HO - 03/18/2011 17:38 UTC